“Nothing Much”; A Student Perspective on Entering the Workforce during Coronavirus

“Nothing much” seems to be the answer to most questions students and graduates are frequently probed about. Questions like, “What have you been up to?”, “Have you found any jobs yet?”, “What is there to do these days?”, are all well-meaning questions but serve as a reminder that the world seems to be standing still. I find many individuals describing states of apathy or extreme worry in response to “nothing much” going on.

A year into Coronavirus, companies are beginning to find new opportunities to work remotely. The jobs that were available pre-pandemic are not accessible due to the pandemic. However, more industries and companies are finding new ways to adapt to an increasingly virtual world with increasingly virtual workspaces. It has been a long and tumultuous wait for larger companies to make internal changes to accommodate the global pandemic. If you have a computer and a stable internet connection, hope is not lost. I encourage you to take these four easy steps to get yourself back on track and adapt to the uncertain circumstances at present.


Here are some suggestions if you find yourself frantically jumping from page to page looking for jobs:

Firstly, know that no one is ahead in this career race. Everyone is struggling to find work at this time. You are not failing to find work, the work place is shifting and you happen to be at the time in your life that is caught in this shaky transition.

Secondly, don’t lose hope. Continue applying as an increasing number of opportunities emerge. Many companies have updated rules to accommodate the changing world as well as new roles emerging. As the world becomes increasingly virtual, new ideas and adaptations are also on the rise. Websites like the Graduate Network help to locate some of these actively hiring job postings from companies looking for individuals seeking to start their careers– despite the workforce halted.

Thirdly, don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling to find work. It is a competitive market as everyone is looking for employment at the same time, not just your age cohorts. Keep applying to various roles that suit your talents, you only need one yes to get you started.

 The CoronaVirus pandemic is an additional challenge for students and graduates not only for the job market, but every sphere of life it affects. It is okay to give yourself some grace even when there is “nothing much” going on.

Author: Ana Campbell