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Technology and software development is an exciting and always changing creative/innovative industry. Often this industry attracts a lot of investment and deals with research, development and distribution of goods and services. Information technology and the software industry jobs depend on the needs of the company, organization or team greatly. Some roles in this field may include, product developers, It management, System development or design, software engineers, web developers and operation technicians. 

These roles differ in technical skill, creativity, and IT infrastructure. In a more technical role such as a programmer or developer, you will need skills involving the use of tools and programming languages as well as great creative problem-solving skills. Software development typically includes business development by use of development, maintenance and publication of software using business models on-premise, or ‘Cloud’ based. It includes training, documentation and data recovery. Due to the nature of this industry and the rate of growth, you need to adapt frequently and your work will vary greatly based on your programming knowledge and/or creative skills.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Tech, or related field


Tech Support $40,000

Web Developer $65,000

Software Engineer $75,000

Software Development & IT Graduate Jobs in Canada

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