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Supply Chain and Logistics
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Supply Chain and logistics play a major part in the manufacturing process. Starting from when a company begins new product development, all the way up until the product is shipped, there are a variety of different processes that must occur. Some typical jobs in this industry would be a supply-technician or supply chain manager (SCM) that will centre around taking inventory to lending expertise to develop strategies to increase safety, efficiency and productivity. 

SCM’s specifically must be able to analyze data and processes to find creative solutions, generate reports and present these reports to management. They must be skilled in communication, dealing with buyers and sellers and maintaining these relationships as well as understanding legal implications and documents. It is also helpful to understand the principles of accounting and financing in a lot of roles in the industry. 

Roles and responsibilities that pertain to this jobs industry include assisting logistics processes for the development of new products, inventor, maintenance, manufacturing, shipment and delivery and returns on products.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management or related field


Supply Chain Analyst: $57,000-$72,000

Supply Chain Manager $63,000-$106,000


Supply Chain and Logistics Graduate Jobs in Canada

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