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The sales industry is typically for those who love the competition and hitting their sales marks and goals. The sales industry, however, is not what it used to be and doesn’t always involve telesales.

It has evolved and now people in the sales industry can deal with technical products, manage accounts, develop strategies and must network well. 

In the industry, you can be selling almost anything, some of which require more technical understanding such as selling software or complex financial models. However, there are sales roles that suit everyone who is interested in. Some of these new grad sales jobs include jobs such as sales executives, sales analysts, business development, account manager and social media manager. 

To be successful in the industry it is helpful to have confidence, great communication, be self-motivated, be a good listener, be persistent and tough-skinned, have commercial awareness, be great on teams as a great negotiator. 


Any Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree specific to marketing, sales, business or related fields will help.


Social Media Manager $45,000 + commission

Sales Account Manager: $48,000 + commission

Sales Analyst: $55,000 + commission

Sales Executive: $60,000-$80,000 + commission

Sales & Commercial Graduate Jobs in Canada

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