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Working for the government in the public sector will revolve around helping communities and individuals, not making money as you would in the private sector. It can be a rewarding career path for some who want to make a difference in how our society and government function. Government budgets and plans are usually very rigid and planned over many years. Working in this industry will have you looking usually into the long-term and big picture. Working on things like policy change, infrastructure, and safety are some examples of the responsibilities that could fall onto your plate and frame of mind. You will also usually have a very secure job with clear direction.

Some things to keep in mind when looking for a career in this industry is whether you want to help locally, on a national scale, on a global scale representing Canada, or through media and public affairs. You will usually need good negotiating skills, flexible thinking, be able to work alone or in teams, as well as have a commitment to your government and current affairs. 

There are a very broad range of fields that can be explored by applying to federal public service opportunities in Canada. You will need to apply at the correct times when the government runs campaigns for post-secondary recruitment, however, sometimes there are still positions to be filled outside this campaign. There are over 200 Canadian federal organizations to explore if you want to be a public servant. 


Depending on the job type, different degrees will be required. Typically, Bachelor degrees in Political Science, Business, Economics, Finance or a related field is considered an asset.


Administrative Assistant  $46,000

Policy Advisor $64,000-$104,000

Public Sector & Government Graduate Jobs in Canada

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