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The construction industry has many jobs for new grads. Working outdoors, indoors, urban, remote, or up in the air, there are many opportunities. As a new grad, especially with business, architectural or engineering degree, there are positions, usually more managerial, that are catered towards your skill level. These jobs typically require an attention to detail, great time management and excellent communication. Some of these new grad roles include project manager/coordinator, construction manager, or a site superintendent. Time management and delegation can be key skills in this industry as you could be in charge of managing short term as well as long term goals simultaneously. You might also find yourself managing many construction sites and delegating limited resources and manpower to get jobs done effectively. 

You could also be doing substantive research and engineering behind building large or small buildings and ensuring safety and budgeting. Working on the property side of this industry could involve having a more analytical and qualitative eye in managing buildings and tenants. 


Bachelor’s Degree Business, Architecture, Engineering.


Field Service Technician $49,000

Project Coordinator $49,000

First level Construction Supervisor $34,000-$75,000

Construction Manager $34,000-$97,000

Property & Construction Graduate Jobs in Canada

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