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The pharmaceutical industry is the backbone behind modern medicine. Businesses in the industry work towards discovering, developing, producing and marketing drugs and medicine. It is an industry linked very closely with healthcare and a popular path of science and engineering students who want to make real difference. As there are so many different business aspects as listed above, there are a variety of jobs within this industry. Some new grad jobs include Pharmacist, pharmaceutical sales, research assistant, and chemical engineer. It is a very large and monetary industry that can act as a good ladder for people looking to start their career, especially since we will always continue to need new and innovative medicines and drugs. 

One might find themselves going down a very niche or specific path in this industry, especially when in a research position, which can lead to a lot of technical knowledge. However, even the less technically involved positions in the healthcare industry require some technical skills, ie. jobs such as pharmaceutical marketing. This is why these jobs usually require an engineering or science degree. It is great for those wanting to make a difference and become an ‘expert’ in a certain area of pharmaceuticals. 


Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sales, Chemical Engineering or other related fields.


Pharmacy Technician $55,000

Chemical Engineer $66,000

Pharmaceutical Sales $71,000

Research Scientist $82,000

Pharmacist $94,000

Pharmaceuticals Graduate Jobs in Canada

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