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This industry includes movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines and books. This encompasses basically all of the entertainment industry. There are many jobs that are associated with this industry. Canada’s film industry is very strong with a lot of blockbuster Hollywood movies being filmed here. As there is a lot of scope to the entertainment industry there are many different roles that range from video editing, creative writers, casting directors, producers and media consultants. 

By  nature, Media Film & TV is not the most stable vocation and a lot of the work could be on a part time basis or even seasonal. In the Film & TV sectors specifically, we would advise getting your  foot in the door and climb the ladder from there. This might mean that you apply and work a job that you are overqualified for but it’s the best way to gain experience. It is also typical to see companies hire temporary or contract workers to come in for specific multi-media projects when a company needs expertise for projects but do not have enough projects to hire full-time at the company. This is also a great way to experience a lot of different companies working on a wide range of projects until you find certain projects or a company that is a great fit for you.


Because there are so many different facets to the Media, Film & TV industry, the degree background for each job varies. But as a rule of thumb, if any technical expertise is required, a bachelor degree in a related field will always be a bonus. When hiring in the Media, Film & TV industry, experience is the most sought after aspect of your application.


Media, Film & TV Graduate Jobs in Canada

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