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Asset Management firms manage money for high net worth individuals and companies. They are ultimately responsible for growing their clients’ finances and portfolios. They achieve this by researching different investment opportunities and making well-timed purchasing decisions. Even though Asset management firms are part of the financial services industry, they represent the ‘buy’ side whereas investment banks and brokerages are on the ‘sell’ side, focusing on giving access to funds being sold such as stock purchases and mergers & acquisitions. 

There are several roles within the asset management industry. As an analyst, you will be responsible for preparing journal entries and financial reporting. You will also be expected to assist with forecasting and accounts payable activities. Most asset management roles will require a large amount of reading with keen attention to detail as you will likely manage all asset-related due diligence and conduct a large amount of research into potential investment opportunities. 


Bachelor degrees in Economics, Business, Finance or related subjects are considered desirable.


Asset Management Analyst: $67,000-$75,000

Investments & Assets Management Graduate Jobs in Canada

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