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Investment bankers main responsibility is to raise capital and for business or individuals by issuing debt and selling equity. They are also known as investment banking analysts, as the term ‘analyst’ suggests, the role is highly analytical dealing with lots of numbers and financial figures. 

Some of the responsibilities as an investment banker include conducting research on market trends, issuing debt and trade equity, creating financial models, overseeing mergers and acquisitions, supervising IPO’s, leading corporate or personal enterprise expansion, examining risks, closing deals with investors, and preparing legal and financial documents. A good investment banker needs to be very knowledgeable and dedicated to their work maintaining comprehensive knowledge of regulatory and legal issues within the financial industry. 

Overall having excellent analytical and quantitative skills, working well under pressure and being a good written and verbal communicator are required to fill an investment banking role successfully.

Work Life and Education

Bachelor’s degree in finance, math or related field

This is one of the few industries where a bachelor’s degree can earn you six figures out of school. Jobs in investment banking can also be used as a springboard to other lucrative careers such as venture cap, private equity and wealth management. 

It is also an industry where long work hours are typical, warranting higher pay.


Investment Banking Analyst – $80,00-$100,000 + Performance Bonus $50,000-$100,000

Investment Banking Graduate Jobs in Canada

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