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This section explores if pursuing a post secondary education might actually be the right career choice for you. Especially for specialised opportunities, there are a lot of employers  that will require a higher degree of expertise in order to be considered. If you do not have experience in that particular  role, the best way to get considered is by pursuing further education. Information is power and with the more specialised knowledge you have, the more likely you are to set yourself apart from other applicants. 

A lot of companies consider completion of postgraduate programs or masters an asset as it displays that you have made the extra effort to pursue your passion and further educate yourself  on a specific subject matter. 

There are other ways to further educate yourself outside of postgraduate programs and masters. Nowadays, there are many companies that offer full time and part time courses in valuable business skills. Completing these kinds of courses really signals to recruiters that you have gone out of your way to learn new skills and will help your chances of landing your desired job.

Work Life and Education

The work-life will be similar to your undergraduate but you can expect the learning to be much more specialized. In some programs, you could also have time to work part-time.


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