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Consumer, FMCG & Retail
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Consumer, Fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) & Retail is a huge industry that drives a massive part of the economy. Therefore, there are many jobs related to this sector. This industry relates to products purchased by individuals rather than by companies. Even within this category there are many specialised sub-categories’ such as food, clothing, luxury products, cars etc.

In this industry, all of the positions will have the same goal of selling and getting the product to the consumer. All of the companies in the consumer goods industry place a large emphasis on learning consumer habits and behaviours. Consumer behaviour is different for all products. For example, the behaviour a consumer has when buying food will be different for when buying a car.

Therefore, most jobs in this industry will be tailored to the product that they are selling. Most roles in this sector will include branding and brand specialisation, analysing consumer behaviour, analysing trends and market research. This is an extremely versatile industry and you could be working for completely different companies such as L’Oreal, BMW or Coca Cola but still be practicing the same principles at each.


Bachelor degrees in fields related to Marketing, Supply Chain, Economics or related fields are considered an asset 


Consumer Products: $35,000-$40,000

Consumer Packaged Goods: $37,000-$42,000

Area Manager: $60,000-$65,000

Merchandise Planner: $58,000-$63,000

Consumer, FMCG & Retail Graduate Jobs in Canada

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