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Commercial Law
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Commercial lawyers are in charge of ensuring that a company is complying with corporate laws and regulations. One of the main responsibilities of working in corporate law is to help the company you are representing avoid possible legal risks and violations and help solve any ongoing cases. As a corporate lawyer you might work at either a law firm or as part of a company’s legal team.

A successful corporate lawyer will be an exceptional negotiator, have great communication skills and a keen attention to detail. As a corporate lawyer you can expect to prepare any legal documents needs for a trial or court proceeding, oversee your client/company’s policy and position on legal matters, examine the legal issues associated to your clients/company’s products or services, guide management on compliance issues and negotiate deals on behalf of your client/company.


As the nature of law is so delicate, a successful applicant will have needed to graduate from Law school and pass the Bar exam.


Legal Counsel: $95,000-125,000

Commercial Law Graduate Jobs in Canada

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