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The first distinction to make is between a charity and a social enterprise. Traditional charities rely on outside funding in order to fulfil their mission statement. A social enterprise earns profits but that is not it’s incentive: it’s goal is to make money selling a product and reinvest that profit into bettering the community it operates in.

Therefore, depending on if you work at a charity or a social enterprise, your goals might be different. At a charity, you will solely be focussed on achieving the goal they have set. Working at a social enterprise, on the other hand, you might be involved in both the business side of promoting and bettering the company and involved in deciding how you allocate the profits into improving the target community.


Charities will generally accept applications from all backgrounds depending on their social mission i.e. if the charity’s niche is focused on saving the ocean, they will favour applicants with similar degrees. Social Enterprises are more business focused so they will place a higher emphasis on applicants with business related degrees.


Charity Coordinator: $31,000-$35000

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