5 Tips For Writing Your CV

The CV is a critical part of every application and will most likely be the first thing an employer sees of you. We have a free template that will help you produce a well-presented, easy to follow one-page CV, giving you the competitive advantage when applying for top internships and grad jobs. Below is the link for our CV template and the dos and don’ts of making an impressive CV.


Exceptional CVs aren’t only informative, but also concise. Do your best to get straight to the most pertinent points, and ideally take up no more than one side of A4.

Using bullet points is a great way to draw attention to key facts or relevant information. Most importantly, it allows a recruiter to gloss over your CV and find your significant achievements quickly.
If you think a lack of experience is holding you back for a potential internship or job, lead with your strengths instead. As long as you can relate it back to the role in question, you should highlight your strengths.
Use enough space and clear section headings. Keep experiences in reverse chronological order to make it effortless to follow your most recent achievements.
An appropriate font ensures that your CV can be easily read and scanned.


You shouldn’t use ‘I’, ‘he’ or ‘she’ its use is implied. I.e. instead of “I assisted with the launch campaign” say “Assisted with launch campaign”.
It doesn’t matter if you think your CV looks quite empty, it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve included all the pertinent details and achievements, you shouldn’t worry. In the case of CVs, sometimes less is more.
The model CV should be a summary of your expertise. It should not be a long-winded life story. Tailoring your CV to the specific opening is a great way to skim irrelevant details.

When deciding which points to include in your application, ask these questions: will it help you get the role. If the answer is no, don’t include it. Hobbies and interests are a great example. If they don’t help you stand out, think about omitting it.

A cover letter is normally attached to your CV and both are essential in helping you potentially land the role. Written correctly, your CV becomes the perfect complementary document in showcasing your talent. Even if the application says Cover letter is option you should submit one- every extra opportunity to sell yourself should be taken.

Time to put it into practice. Download our Sample CV and get started!